A Break From Green & Brown

I’ve taken a break from painting & building Death Guard to start on some Alpha Legion Cultists. I’ve used House Delaque minis as the basis, with some small alterations as I can’t not tinker with a model when I build it. I’ve kept alterations to a minimum as I like the basic models, but I wanted them to have some clearly chaotic elements.

Alpha Legion Cultists

It’s been nice not to paint endless variations of brown & green, and these are also my first use of both a wet palette and weathering powders – I’ve found the former makes painting a lot easier and I feel like completing projects more as I’m not having to constantly mix paints to try and match colours. The latter I’m impressed at how easy they are to use to get subtle results.

The plan is to have a small secondary Alpha Legion Force to allow for some of the options not available to Death Guard in their Codex in larger games. I’m thinking something Spearhead sized, possibly based around Obliterators (which I’ve a clear idea for a conversion for).

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