Catching up

It’s an awfully long time since I’ve been around these parts – I’ve kept up to date with regards reading other people’s blogs and stuff, but actually writing anything myself? I’ve honestly just not had the time with work and other things that life seems to have thrown at us recently.

Works wise, on the positive side I’ve had a promotion, with the potential for a further one around the corner. This is nice, and it isn’t anything I’ve not been doing with regards office life for the last few years anyway. Office life still remains working from home for the most part, which has a lot of benefits.

On the other side of the coin, I seem to have the project from hell with a client (well, my client’s client) who seems to be as difficult as possible and seems to want everything to be perfect without an understanding of reality. The project has gone on for nearly eighteen months now, has only just begun on site and has a further twelve months or so left. We’re haemorrhaging cash like it’s going out of fashion, hours are horrendous and every part of the job feels like an uphill struggle.

Away from work, one of our neighbours had a fire. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it could have been avoided as it was a result of them smoking in bed. We’ve been dealing with the insurance claim and just cleaning the smoke damage from absolutely everything ever since. It’s amazing just how smoke can just get into everything even with only a few windows open, and just how long it can take to clean everything in your house.

As a consequence of this, I’ve had a lot less time for things like hobby’s, and no time at all to even thin about writing here. On a number of occasions I’ve looked at the WordPress website and thought “I really need to do something with that”, but then once again run out of time. I’m not going to promise anything close to a return to normal service, but I am going to try to write something a little more regularly than once-a-year.


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