Empire (Third thoughts…)

So another year, another try of PD’s Empire, the general upshot of which is this time I left feeling a lot more positive about the game and the system than I have before – this is the first time I’ve left wishing I was going to the next event rather than thinking “I’ll wait till next year…” (I can’t – I’m cycling a stupid distance for charity within two weeks and will be deep in last minute training & panic mode).

As before I’m going to go through the issues I raised previously, although pretty much all of them have been resolved. The game seems to have matured quite quickly; it no longer feels like a placeholder game but something else, more distinct and with a definite flavour.

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Empire (Second Thoughts)

So, another year, another shot at Profound Decisions “Empire”. Last year here I commented that whilst I’d enjoyed it I thought a second crack at the game was in order to properly appraise it. So, Event Three of 2014 rolled around and once again I decided to suit up once again and give it a go.

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Empire: First Thoughts

So, last weekend I attended my first event of Empire, Profound Decision’s new “Not Maelstrom” game. I’ve written previously about what was my growing disillusionment with LARP – something I put down to occasionally needing to take a break from the hobby. I kept my hand in with smaller scale LARP, but in all honesty I took a break from the hobby of about eighteen months, cleared my head a bit, so this was going to be a fresh start in many ways.

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Shitting: A LARP’ers Guide

The subtle art of defecation is one that is often overlooked in the LARP environment, but those that wish to take their play experience to the next level then the why’s and the where fore’s of how to take a dump can sometimes offer a fresh perspective on the roleplay
experience. Whilst the casual player will find it sufficient merely to determine the true origin of their fathers sword, the real method roleplayer will tailor each extrusion to reveal subtle insights into their delicate creation.

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LARP Fatigue?

Next week see’s the first of this years Maelstrom’s, and as per usual there’s mad scramble to get everything done in time ahead of the event. The problem this time is I’m finding it more difficult to drum up the enthusiasm than usual – I’ll no doubt enjoy it when I get there and see everyone – work schedules and the like seem to be taking up all of my time and energy. I’ll enjoy it because of the people, rather than the event itself I fear (although this is in no way a bad thing).

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You can never have too much costume…

Following an afternoon visit to the dentist for yet another broken tooth I popped into Manchester to grab some costume for a Birthday / LARP event this weekend. This one being more Steampunk than others I’ve attended (and with a definite character being gifted to me for it) I couldn’t just use stuff I’d already got – plus you know, chance to buy more stuff.

After half an hours aimless wandering I managed to come across a real find – a leather sappers coat / waistcoat. It’s heavy enough to almost be leather armour (which in some ways it could be). This, along with some old military style trousers seem to have sorted things out. I didn’t intend to spend as much as I did (do you ever) but it seems that it’s inevitable whenever you going for this sort of thing.

Khan’s Naadam

Well I’m back in the real world (although I returned to work yesterday) after a weekend of fun at Maelstrom and everything seems to be playing catch up with me. I no longer ache quite as much, but the dodgy knees seem to have been replaced with a head cold (Sudafed is wonderful stuff) and I still feel as if I need a lot more sleep before I’ll feel completely human again.

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Playing catch-up

It’s been a fair while since I’ve been able to sit down and write something – technically I’m at work at the moment but it’s Friday and I’ve almost cleared my desk – mainly because work has been keeping me busy and away from basic things like computers that allow me to play catch up. Things are beginning to calm down but I’m still averaging three days out of the office per week and last month I did over two and a half thousand miles on the company dime.

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