Eurovision 2013

All in all it didn’t feel like a vintage year at Eurovision, everyone seemed to be taking the contest a little too seriously and thus it missed some of the mad-cap antics that have been present over the last few years. Fledgling possibility of a chest infection reduced drink intake to a single beer, but for once the host and the voting made it all worthwhile.

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The Spaghetti Western Orchestra


Saturday we dragged ourselves along to The Victoria Hall to see The Spaghetti Western Orchestra (formerly known as The Ennio Morricone Experience – a better name as far as I’m concerned). Part comedy troupe / musicians, they play the music of Morricone whilst also indulging in the sort of sound effects that made the films great. If you ever want to know what it’s like to see a man play a packet of cornflakes then this is the evening for you.

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Terracotta warriors living in a desolate wasteland. A journey through time & space played through shadows cast on a wall. Women fashioned from poisonous flowers and a villain who resided in the pelvis of a woman. And fundamentally, Parsifal turning his back on the Knights following the saving of their King.

It was by turns bonkers and brilliant, and sounded nothing short of breathtaking.

Eurovision 2009

Ah, Eurovision – that one event of the year when the whole of Europe comes together to gaze in wonder / horror at the TV and really get to know its neighbours. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a Eurovision junky – I watch it every year and love its crazy mixture of cheese and awe in equal measure. Some years it’s good, some years it’s bad, but it’s never boring.

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I do not want to hear The Frog Chorus

This afternoon I had to go out and do a site survey – not complaining because, hell works been slow – however I really do hate the sing-along Christmas music that is piped into most modern stores, it’s just so bland. I still think that Salvation Army Bands are one of the best things about this time of year, but you can’t get them to follow you around. Instead we get subjected to the bloody Frog Chorus.

I’ve decided I want a Tom Waits Christmas – something to catch us all by surprise, that makes you stop and just listen. Is this too much to ask?