Everything sounds like Coldplay now…

For those of you not familiar with the genius of Mitch Benn, everything apparently sounds like Coldplay now. Except it doesn’t. What it really sounds like is generic Skater Rock ™, a generic sound of young men and women pretending to be angry despite receiving three square meals a day and still being given their allowance.

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Volta (and American III) = Full iPod

Today marks a turning point as no longer can I just download my music collection on to my iPod. Instead having reached the limits of its tiny little hard drive I will now be forced to manage my collection until I can get around to getting a replacement – one which hopefully I won’t fill up quite so quickly.

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We fear change…

According to an article on the Today Programme this morning, Bath is in danger of loosing its World Heritage Site status as a result of redevelopment of the city. Indeed over 12,000 residents have reportedly signed a petition complaining about the possible erection of a new building in the city because – shock horror – it is steel and glass instead of the more traditional stone. Rumour has it that a number of local councillors lost their seats recently because they’d allowed such a monstrosity (their words) to get through planning.

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