The most consistent studio in Hollywood?


Name a bad Pixar film?

No, truly bad – not just “not as good as the others”?
Still stumped?

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Wanted is never going to task the little grey cells, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. A throwback to the hard-actioners of the late 80’s (albeit with a high-tech CGI makeover) it doesn’t have a plot but rather a means of delivering you from one set-piece to another. You rarely have to wait ten minutes before one comes along that tries (and suceeds) in upstaging what has gone before it. It’s also refreshing to find a film that doesn’t downplay the violence in search of the R-13 (12) certificate, and thus a bigger audience but instead delivers on the frenzied bloodletting front to maximise its impact.

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Speed Racer

The second of the big tent pole movies out of the gate, and the first serious flop of the summer (financially) isn’t the film you’re expecting. Advertised on the back of the directors Matrix pedigree it’s somewhat understandable why some have been put off by this – it’s not dark and violent, rather a bright neon fantasy.

It’s also really rather fab.

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Iron Man

First out of the traps for Summer 2008 comes Iron Man – a risky proposition for a fledgling studio to base its strategy around two $150 million movies in a summer dominated by heroes. It works better than we could have expected due mainly to Robert Downey Jr. He’s deserved to have been given a second shot at the big time for a while now and this works like a charm.

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The Good Points: Daniel Day-Lewis, the cinematography, Daniel Day-Lewis, the score, Daniel Day-Lewis, the script, Daniel Day-Lewis, the magnificent way that it all just hangs together…

Did I mention Daniel Day-Lewis?

The Bad Points: There are about ten minutes when Daniel Day-Lewis isn’t on the screen – what were they thinking!

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