A Peter Greenaway Film” are four words that strike fear into the hearts of most cinema-goers, determined as he has been since Prospero’s Books to make some of the most unwatchable films of the last two decades. Nightwatching is a bit of a return to earlier form but still remains cinema marmite – you’ll either love it (I did) or hate it (the two others who watched it with me didn’t).

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A Prophet

A Prophet is one of those films that is unfortunately labelled as art-house for no other reason than it happens to be subtitled. Like “City of God” before it’s a very mainstream film that deserves to be seen by a wider audience but is unlikely to be so. It wouldn’t surprise me if in a couple of years Hollywood doesn’t take more of a gander at it and attempt a remake. I suspect that they’ll completely miss the point of the film in the process.

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Up In The Air

The past few years have given cause to re-evaluate George Clooney as an actor rather than just a movie-star and those that continue to doubt should take the time to see Up In The Air not only to prove that – yes, he really can act – but also because it’s one of the best comedy-drama films to come out for a long time, not only because of Clooney (who is the stand-out in the cast) but because everyone seems committed to delivering something that actually has something to say without being preachy.

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