Eurovision 2013

All in all it didn’t feel like a vintage year at Eurovision, everyone seemed to be taking the contest a little too seriously and thus it missed some of the mad-cap antics that have been present over the last few years. Fledgling possibility of a chest infection reduced drink intake to a single beer, but for once the host and the voting made it all worthwhile.

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The Hunger Games

No, I’m not here to talk about either the book or the film but rather the forthcoming supposed celebration of sporting greatness that this country is about to partake in. Anyone else get the feeling that it’s all slipping out of control a little bit? That it’s no longer about the sporting achievement but rather the sponsorship, security and everything else?

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Edinburgh Fringe

Back from a few days up in Edinburgh in the company of Sj for the weekend in order to catch the start of the Fringe. Good weekend, apart from the sheer length of the journey there and back (the A702 just eats time over what should be a half-hour journey). Some good stuff seen, one spectacularly bad thing and a good weekend in all.

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Eurovision 2009

Ah, Eurovision – that one event of the year when the whole of Europe comes together to gaze in wonder / horror at the TV and really get to know its neighbours. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a Eurovision junky – I watch it every year and love its crazy mixture of cheese and awe in equal measure. Some years it’s good, some years it’s bad, but it’s never boring.

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Everything sounds like Coldplay now…

For those of you not familiar with the genius of Mitch Benn, everything apparently sounds like Coldplay now. Except it doesn’t. What it really sounds like is generic Skater Rock ™, a generic sound of young men and women pretending to be angry despite receiving three square meals a day and still being given their allowance.

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