Empire: First Thoughts

So, last weekend I attended my first event of Empire, Profound Decision’s new “Not Maelstrom” game. I’ve written previously about what was my growing disillusionment with LARP – something I put down to occasionally needing to take a break from the hobby. I kept my hand in with smaller scale LARP, but in all honesty I took a break from the hobby of about eighteen months, cleared my head a bit, so this was going to be a fresh start in many ways.

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You can never have too much costume…

Following an afternoon visit to the dentist for yet another broken tooth I popped into Manchester to grab some costume for a Birthday / LARP event this weekend. This one being more Steampunk than others I’ve attended (and with a definite character being gifted to me for it) I couldn’t just use stuff I’d already got – plus you know, chance to buy more stuff.

After half an hours aimless wandering I managed to come across a real find – a leather sappers coat / waistcoat. It’s heavy enough to almost be leather armour (which in some ways it could be). This, along with some old military style trousers seem to have sorted things out. I didn’t intend to spend as much as I did (do you ever) but it seems that it’s inevitable whenever you going for this sort of thing.