Harry Potter World / The Making of Harry Potter

Sj’s birthday was a little different this year, as instead of wondering what to get her as a present I decided fairly early on the year to take her to The Making of Harry Potter. Now, I’ve always been slightly hesitant of the Potter films, which aside from the third one I felt never really managed to hit their stride and were too beholden to the books. However, the artistry in the design & crafting of the films couldn’t be denied and this is what the exhibition focusses on. I didn’t expect to be quite as bowled over by the exhibition as I was, but that made for a pleasant surprise.

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There and, well, just there really…


Another ride ticked off the cycling bucket list so to speak – this time London to Brighton Off-road (once again a charity ride to make the pain of the ride at least worth something…). Once again it all went off without a hitch, it turns out that despite my worries I had done just enough training to complete the ride easily, which was nice.

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Cycling through…

I really need to be training…

So, in just over five weeks I’ll be taking part in a charity ride (British Heart Foundation again) from London to Brighton and I’m feeling very unprepared for it. Sure, I’m managing to cycle to and from work a minimum of three days a week, but apart from one fifty plus ride, I’ve not managed to really crack out the miles needed to get used to the idea of cycling seventy-five miles. Hopefully later today I’ll be cycling over to the folks (nearly the right distance), but I really need to be putting my foot down and upping the ante soon.

The problem has been one of time – with everything that has been going on at home this year training has been pushed later and later and later. At one stage I considered cancelling the ride, I haven’t managed to raise any cash yet so didn’t feel like I’d be letting anyone down, but truth be told I’ve been looking forward to this for much of the year. This may all be a case of the jitters.

The Long & Grinding Road

Back in January I made some vague waffle about New Year Resolutions generally not being kept and wanting to do something different as a result, so I’d signed up for a charity ride and dragged a couple of other friends into the madness along the way, although various reasons meant that the final number had dropped to three. I thought I’d spent long enough getting ready for it all but September rolled around and then things didn’t quite keep to plan and a last minute trip to Edinburgh meant that I wasn’t quite as prepared as I’d like but there was nothing that could be done about that.

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Dread tidings…

Dear Diary,

Long have I suspected it, but this weekend we found conclusive proof that the insidious tendrils of his dread cult have reached the shores of England. We were invited to spend the day in the grounds of Chatsworth House, a dwelling of not inconsiderate size which was also home to the Duke & Duchesses collection of art & curios from around the world. The day proved a pleasant enough distraction from the weather that has plagued us of late, and collection he and his ancestors had amassed was indeed impressive.

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I appear to be feeling quite chipper at the moment.

Life is indeed good, despite my argument to the contrary on Friday following certain political outcomes (I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ignore them when they are ranting and try to explain my point clearly and rationally then what’s the worst that can happen…humour me). No, life is good and there are many things to celebrate!

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