Another big bike ride

So last year I set myself the New Year’s resolution of taking part in an organised bike ride (having never done one before). Group riding isn’t something that I get involved with on a regular basis, in truth a good chunk of the regular riding I do is merely blasting into work with the route length getting longer as the weather gets better. Whilst the day itself turned into something of a grinding pain –fest, it was an enjoyable grinding pain-fest so I’ve signed up for another one this year!

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New Year’s Resolution: Take part in an organised bike ride

I’ve been serious about riding bikes for just over five years now, although like many people been able to ride a bike for far longer. In that time I’ve had two and a bit bikes, the first wasn’t much good to be honest (which lasted three months) but got me the bug and was quickly replaced by something a bit more substantial. These days I’m riding around on something I’ve built myself having firmly become one of those people who cycles and preaches about the benefits of doing so.

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I appear to be feeling quite chipper at the moment.

Life is indeed good, despite my argument to the contrary on Friday following certain political outcomes (I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ignore them when they are ranting and try to explain my point clearly and rationally then what’s the worst that can happen…humour me). No, life is good and there are many things to celebrate!

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An end to coughing and spluttering

Hurrah, the drugs did in fact work and I now seem well on my way to recovery! I’ve made it through two whole days now without recourse to a massive coughing fit suggesting that my lungs have remembered how to work in a fully functional state, ah, the wonders of modern medicine.

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