Day One

So, like a good chunk of the country I’m now working from home for the foreseeable future. This is something of a departure for me, as whilst I have the sort of job that could feasibly be done from home, I sort of like the office environment and the ability to interact with others, talk over issues and problems with work, that sort of thing.

However, needs must and all that.

Still, at the moment it’s more about making sure I can still do most of my jobs, getting used to being in a different environment, different computer setup etc.

Being able to listen to music without headphones is nice I suppose. Not having to wear socks is another. Not sure it’s something that I want to move to on a permanent basis though.

Haven’t tried my first meeting yet, that’s going to be another one.


Ever had that odd feeling that you’re paying for something you’ve forgotten to use. And that the reason you got it in the first place was because you actually found it somewhat beneficial to write for your own mental well-being?

Yup, I knew I had something lying around here for that…

So, what’s prompted the sudden burst of activity (trust me, after eighteen months without even looking at it, this is a burst of activity), well, new work surroundings mean that’ve a fresh view, which has perked me up a little bit, but mainly, I’ve remembered that this used to be good for me.

I’m not promising regular service, but I’ll try and at least remember this is here.

Belfast 2015

Sj and I had a long weekend in Belfast last week courtesy of the folks as a birthday present. With everything that has been going on this year it was really what we both needed and very welcome. We’d been booked on the Game of Thrones Tour (or “Pretty places in Ireland that are connected” to give it a more accurate title), but mainly we mooched around and enjoyed a couple of days peace away from everything.

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Another update

The last time I was around here I commented that it had been a while since the last update, but that it had been a busy old month (with Sj’s operation et al). Now we are nearly six weeks since the last update and it’s still the same. Sj’s been back in hospital once since then as a result of a post operation infection and life still seems to be pretty hectic. She’s hopefully on the mend now (and it has given me a great / gross story for parties) and will back to normal soon, but it’s been far longer than either of us imagined.

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The “I’ve been utterly ignoring a blog update” blog update…

So, over two months since I actually sat down and wrote anything meaningful (or even meaningless) for my blog – not for want of trying – but time and (to be frank) an element of Writer’s Block seems to have gotten in the way.

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Memories of green

It’s been a strange old Christmas & New Year, relaxing as per usual (with two days back in work this week that can best be described as “light duty”) in between the more usual running about the country to see relatives. It’s all been very nice, even though we haven’t been able to quite catch up with everyone we wanted to (and I’ve not managed to read as much as I’d usually like) but it’s all occasionally got a bit “otherworldly” for want of a better phrase as the likely events of January loom on the horizon.

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What we have here is a failure to communicate

Sometimes writing is hard. Yes, it’s a cliché, but when I first began a blog back in 2007 I probably had a lot more free time than I do now (and certainly less than I had during the height of the recession), and as such I’ve been a little bit lax of late about writing anything about anything for here. It hasn’t helped that I created a bit of an albatross for myself with The 37 in that I was determined to finish it but then lost a little of the impetus to do so once I’d progressed beyond the seventies and eighties (a time which I admit I’m far more interest in the films of, although I admit that the general standard of filmmaking – if not the willingness to experiment – has gotten better) it sometimes felt difficult to even find a film that I was eager to write about. Because I wanted to get it finished, I felt I couldn’t write about anything else in the meantime and…

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We’ll start with a catch up…

This morning I logged into WordPress to realise that it’s been well over a month since I last sat down and wrote anything (even trivial) in my blog, and that really that isn’t on. When I first started a blog some six or so years ago it was as a means of ensuring that I remained writing something other than the inevitable tranche of legal letters, emails & specifications that my job entails – but the truth is I know I’ve been lax in this department of late. The last time I tried to jump start the process the small matter of moving in with Sj got in the way of me finishing it (I still intend to), but I’m not complaining about that. I do keep intending to write something, but inevitably other things get in the way.

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