Life in Grantremble

Grantremble was a pleasant place. The people were (for the most part) good, the air was clean and the town tidy. People went about their daily lives without much complaint – nothing much seemed to exist to spoil the mood. The town enjoyed good employment, its schools were good and its old people were cared for.

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Its just so…English…

Last night I went on the spur of the moment to see The Mikado with C at Buxton, part of the annual Gilbert & Sullivan Festival that they have there. It was okay (more of at a later date) but as we sat outside getting a drink during the interval  we were both struck by how English (not even British, it seemed to eccentric for anyone other than Mad Dogs & Englishmen) it all seemed. Not the opera itself (although it is of course still a funny critique of English Culture) but the whole experience.

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