The Hunger Games

No, I’m not here to talk about either the book or the film but rather the forthcoming supposed celebration of sporting greatness that this country is about to partake in. Anyone else get the feeling that it’s all slipping out of control a little bit? That it’s no longer about the sporting achievement but rather the sponsorship, security and everything else?

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…the charm of a small, racist badger…

(Warning, roaming semi-rant ahead…many will have heard it before…)

Whither British television? The slow, inevitable decline has been with us for nearly twenty years – our tastes are not changing, rather our ability to view the lack of quality for what it is and call it out as such has become endemic in the same way as it has with cinema. Good television is still being made, but for the most part originality has been cast aside in favour of reduced overheads and a dose of fake reality. The last few months have seen a depressing nadir in terms of the state we’ve reached, although I fear that we haven’t seen the bottom.

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In an effort to remain calm and collected I shall state only the following;

Some little bugger has broken into my car – the only thing they got was my iPod from the glove box. However they have knackered the windscreen and completely broke the passenger window – it looks like they were after the Sat-Nav only to find that it’s integral to the dashboard.


Dear Autodesk (again…)

Once again a shiny new version (2009, imaginative title guys) has landed on my desk – which I must admit came as something on a surprise considering that the last version is less than six months old – forcing me to go through the same old tired installation process as usual, re-configuring all my settings because your migration policy seems to have an effect on everything, yes, including Outlook once again. Ah well, I’m always happy to write off a portion of my day to deal with IT troubles.

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I have to question the logic behind this decision

I’m fairly proud of the university I went to – especially the architecture department. Consistently it was rated as one of the best architecture schools in the country by the RIBA and was listed as the one which produced the highest job prospects for its graduates. It’s playing with some of the big boys in the field here – the Bartlett, the Architectural Academy and Cambridge – so this is a big deal.

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Help! Idiots loose!

So, final night of the weeks trip to the opera for The Adventures of Pinnochio (which was fab). Very child friendly opera, so lots of little ones laughing along and going ah – very cute and not at all annoying (in fact, rather encouraging). However, there was also an outbreak of idiots, many of whom seemed to be in my vicinity.

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Dear AutoDesk

We have just recieved news of your new product pricing structure that will be effective from the end of the year and I must say I’m impressed – a near 85% price increase per license upgrade is a new high for you – although this time you’ve at least had the decency not to try to sell it on the back of new features. Once again we can look forward to text that doesn’t work unless we reset the width factor and hatching that doesn’t work. Congratulations on a job well done! I feel better now knowing that this price hike will be well spent on the beer and hookers your marketting department are obviously indulging in.

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How can I plan anything out…

As an industry, architecture is currently facing a chronic shortage of qualified technicians – those wonderful people who turn our fag-packet sketches into buildings that will actually stand up – meaning that more and more pressure is being put on architects to produce large packs of drawings as well as the normal role of overseeing work on sites, administration of contracts etc. I’m not complaining per se, but it is meaning that being able to plan work with the facilities at your disposal becomes of upmost importance in order to maintain deadlines.

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I seem to have developed an overwhelming hatred of…

Jeremy Vine.

For a long time he was easy to ignore, you just didn’t listen to Radio 2 – which also had the added bonus of meaning you didn’t have to listen to the same idiots who continually foul up the BBC’s website with their comments. However since he became the face of Panorama he has become harder to ignore and this is why I think I’ve taken such a dislike to him – he’s responsible for the dumbing down of what used to be one of the best current affairs shows on British TV. They may as well of just hired Nicky Campbell and had done with it.

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