This conversation just took a turn for the weird…

I’m an occasional player of Eve Online, I like it as a MMORPG because you tend to get a saner type of player than what I’ve come to expect from the genre. Indeed in the two years I’ve been playing it I can’t really remember a conversation falling into the normal “I pwnd you noob!” that people have come to expect -except last night.

Him:   How old are you?
Me:      Thirties.
Him:   Are you married?
Me:      Nope.
Him:    Will you be my wife? I’m 15, its legal in Denmark…

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I’m still finding new aches and pains…

But the weekend was wonderful. I now need as much sleep as possible but I feel tired and achy in a good way. My first Maelstrom type event was great, now counting down towards the end of July and C and K are now looking to come to the next event (hopefully).

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