Life In The Building Trade

After eighteen months of uncertainty things have once again began to pick up at work with some clients once again realising that they have money to spend – we aren’t out of the shit yet but we aren’t quite up to our necks in it.

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Today’s Corner Of Stupid

A note to all Tendering Sub-Contractors; Please do not try to convince the Consultants that the Client as asked for additional works when the first thing said works will result in is a phone call to the Client asking “Do you know how much time it’s going to take for us to include that in the design?” It should generally be noted that the Client does not want to spend additional money on items they didn’t even know they wanted.

It would appear that I spoke too soon…

Further to my post on Friday it would appear that I didn’t give the lucky rabbits foot enough of a shake after commenting that things at “The Site That Shall Not Be Named” now appeared to be going swimmingly as at this very moment I seem to the steeling myself up for an argument with the contractor. In all future instances I will no longer be so foolish as to court trouble in such an obvious manner.

It also looks like soon I will once again begin a series of regular journeys north of the border, vastly pushing up my mileage for the next twelve months but at least meaning that I get to spend more time in Glasgow (which is a wonderful place). Of course, things may change and I may also be travelling increasingly south but one thing will remain consistent – I will have no jobs in the Greater Manchester Area! I’m not actually complaining about this as I like the travel, but it would be nice to be able to point at something in the vicinity of most of the people I know and say “I did that!”.

That’s the wrong wall…

Some will be aware of the continuing bane of my working life that resides in a small town to the north of Manchester – professional courtesy prevents me from giving any further clues to where it is but some people will know where it is. Anyway the saga continues and various parties returned last week to do remedial works to one of the walls.

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