Utopia (Second Series)

Utopia - Channel 4

If you didn’t watch it (and like strange, almost noodling conspiracy thrillers) then the second series of the black comedy Utopia has just started on Channel 4 (episode two tonight). As an indication of its intent to pull no punches, the series opened with a thirty year flashback that lasted the entire episode and confirmed just about every fan theory that was left dangling at the end of the first series. Yes, we’ve got answers – but clearly there are still a lot of questions left.

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…the charm of a small, racist badger…

(Warning, roaming semi-rant ahead…many will have heard it before…)

Whither British television? The slow, inevitable decline has been with us for nearly twenty years – our tastes are not changing, rather our ability to view the lack of quality for what it is and call it out as such has become endemic in the same way as it has with cinema. Good television is still being made, but for the most part originality has been cast aside in favour of reduced overheads and a dose of fake reality. The last few months have seen a depressing nadir in terms of the state we’ve reached, although I fear that we haven’t seen the bottom.

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25 Reasons why “The Wire” is the best thing that’s been on TV (with lots of spoilers).

Note: This could easily be fifty or a hundred reasons, but rather than list everything I’ve just tried to distil it down to the bare bones of what’s great about The Wire. Also those that haven’t watched it yet in its entirety – there are some mighty big spoilers throughout, consider this a warning.

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Now that its almost over, could someone please tell me what exactly the point of BBC 2’s “White” season has been? Yes, the programme about Powell’s “Rivers of blood” speech was very good, but the rest of it seems to have been the type of Daily Mail style journalism that the BBC usually avoids. Was the intention to show that there was still racism in British society? If so, we didn’t need a week of programs to do that.

Given this short season can we expect the BBC to have a season called “Straight”, chronicling how many (homophobic) heterosexual couples feel that they are being increasingly under represented in the media?*

*Yes, this is sarcasm…(not irony as originally stated)


Joining the illustrious likes of Firefly and Twin Peaks (which it shares a lot in common with) of brilliant TV that got canceled before it truly got going is Carnivale. I spotted it in Tesco a couple of months ago and have slowly been working my way through the twenty four episodes only to find that like both of them it left far more questions than answers.

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