Life In The Building Trade

After eighteen months of uncertainty things have once again began to pick up at work with some clients once again realising that they have money to spend – we aren’t out of the shit yet but we aren’t quite up to our necks in it.

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Today’s Corner Of Stupid

A note to all Tendering Sub-Contractors; Please do not try to convince the Consultants that the Client as asked for additional works when the first thing said works will result in is a phone call to the Client asking “Do you know how much time it’s going to take for us to include that in the design?” It should generally be noted that the Client does not want to spend additional money on items they didn’t even know they wanted.

Well, that’s that bet securely lost…

Back in the old days I had a bet with E as to who would be the first of us to be published – E won in that I was and thus had to buy her tea (which doesn’t sound much until you factor in that tea was at The Russian Tea Room in New York – yes travel was included as part of the bet) to celebrate. I forget how it happened, but I think she’d factored in that I’d be in the end of year catalogue for the university art department – a sneaky bet.

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John Tunnicliffe is dead…

Apparently a long term colleague in our office, some doubt that he was ever real– or if he did then he clearly wasn’t coming into work quite as often as he should have been – and that he came into existence due to an administrative cock up at a planner’s office that listed him as the consultant in charge of a project. The truth is we may never know.

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