Today’s corner of wrong…

Was provided by David Lynch and Donovan talking about transcendental meditation and introducing it into British schools on the Today Programme.

The one thing that always worries me whenever I hear David Lynch is that I cannot comprehend how someone who sounds so unfailingly polite and well mannered could come up with some of the most disturbing images ever created on the screen.

He did however seem quite chipper about the prospect of meditating children and argued that it had done him no harm.

In unrelated news I have finally given in and gone to see the doctor about my continuing problems with asthma and are now on enough medication to drop a horse. This morning I had to take six steroid tablets to try to kick start me into getting rid of the infection that is causing all the problems. I am currently alternating between being as high as a kite one minute and dog tired the next. Ah well…

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