Even more Cultists…

So I’ve finished building the first half of what will be eventually a blob of twenty-eight Cultists to act as a meat / cannon shield and keep the hard hitting stuff shielded as it trundles across the table. I’ve tried to make them as generic Nurgle as possible, so they can double as Pox-Walkers as well by doing things like stowing their weapons across their backs and giving them a dishevelled / plague look through the use of a lot of green-stuff (seriously, I’ve depleted well over two thirds of my store).

DeathGuard (30)

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Cultists – lots of Cultists…

I’ve started work on putting together a bunch of Cultists to use as meat / cannon fodder ahead of the advancing Plague Marines and to keep with the fluff aspect of the army. I’ve never been drawn to the GW Cultists – they fall a little too much into the muscle bound freak that leans heavier towards Khorne, and the Poxwalkers just seem off, I’m not sure if it’s the studio paint jobs or what, but I decided to look elsewhere.

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Plaguebearers this time – mainly a Dullcote / gloss as on previous comments rather than some of the more involved work on previous touching up. The only thing that I looked at was adding some texture via a baking soda / paint to the previous tentacles to give them more of the appearance of roots and the like. I’ve also started work on the cultists and hope to post something soon.

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Revisiting the Death Guard – Part Three

So, the first squad of Plague Marines has been amended as necessary – changing weapons for more obvious Plasma Guns and a little bit of touching up of paint jobs and the like. I must admit the thing I’m most please with is the results from Testor’s Dullcote – I’d heard rumours of how good a matt finish it provided in the past but wasn’t really expecting it to be *that* good. Picking out elements with the gloss varnish really helps, and I’m happy with the results. Continue reading “Revisiting the Death Guard – Part Three”

(40k) Back on the horse – revisiting my Death Guard

So, like many others here I’m now stuck in lock-down, normal activities have been curtailed and like many, I’m trying my best not to go stir crazy. So on a whim I decided to dig out my half built / forgotten Death Guard army for 40k. I don’t get much chance to play, and in all honesty I’ve always preferred the painting / hobby side of things to actually gaming. This was originally a 5th Edition Army, so very out of date in terms of the new meta, and I haven’t really touched any of them for a good three / four years at least. Continue reading “(40k) Back on the horse – revisiting my Death Guard”

Day One

So, like a good chunk of the country I’m now working from home for the foreseeable future. This is something of a departure for me, as whilst I have the sort of job that could feasibly be done from home, I sort of like the office environment and the ability to interact with others, talk over issues and problems with work, that sort of thing.

However, needs must and all that.

Still, at the moment it’s more about making sure I can still do most of my jobs, getting used to being in a different environment, different computer setup etc.

Being able to listen to music without headphones is nice I suppose. Not having to wear socks is another. Not sure it’s something that I want to move to on a permanent basis though.

Haven’t tried my first meeting yet, that’s going to be another one.


Ever had that odd feeling that you’re paying for something you’ve forgotten to use. And that the reason you got it in the first place was because you actually found it somewhat beneficial to write for your own mental well-being?

Yup, I knew I had something lying around here for that…

So, what’s prompted the sudden burst of activity (trust me, after eighteen months without even looking at it, this is a burst of activity), well, new work surroundings mean that’ve a fresh view, which has perked me up a little bit, but mainly, I’ve remembered that this used to be good for me.

I’m not promising regular service, but I’ll try and at least remember this is here.