Even more Cultists…

So I’ve finished building the first half of what will be eventually a blob of twenty-eight Cultists to act as a meat / cannon shield and keep the hard hitting stuff shielded as it trundles across the table. I’ve tried to make them as generic Nurgle as possible, so they can double as Pox-Walkers as well by doing things like stowing their weapons across their backs and giving them a dishevelled / plague look through the use of a lot of green-stuff (seriously, I’ve depleted well over two thirds of my store).

DeathGuard (30)

As we’re still in lockdown I’ve been waiting on a can of spray-primer as I wasn’t sure that a black undercoat was going to be suitable for these guys. Eventually I’ve settled on a can of Barbarian Flesh from the Army Painter Range – yes, Necrotic Flesh would possibly have been better but I needed the can for another project as well.

Next up will be to start painting them all. The plan is washes and quick highlights for the flesh and fur trims, then something a little more striking for the fabric, an off white to reflect the original colours of the Death Guard. After that it will be a few touching up jobs before either building the second half of these (which I expect to be quicker than these – I’ve learnt a lot in the process of what does and doesn’t work) or looking at bigger – thing – as a more meaty project to get my teeth into.

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