Life in a Tennessee Williams play…

Well, not really, but if the weather gets anymore oppressive then we could expect a move in certain elements of culture from sports tops to wife beaters – but hopefully the British weather will see sense before then and realise that even if this is a warning about the dangers of screwing with the environment there are some things we shouldn’t be forced ot endure – scoats in vests being very high on that list.

Back in work the temperature is being raised even further by the amount of computers pumping out heat all through the day. When we moved to this building we made the decision not to go for air conditioning as we could just open the window and savour the wind across the office eight floors up. I agree with this decision but prefer if there was a little more wind movement to compensate at the moment. Still, it appears that I’ll be spending much of the end of the week on-site so I’m sure I’ll find the atmosphere a lot less oppressive when I’m up to my knees in mud inspecting drainage.

Last comment on the weather – can it please be dry just a little bit this weekend? Please? Maelstrom looms again and as fun as it will be anyway, the thought of trudging around ankle deep in mud and water is not particularly a pleasant one.

Anyway, news of the week so far must be that old Boris has thrown his hat into the ring as a candidate for the Tories choice for Mayor of London. In an era where politics is increasingly about soundbites (although Brown does seem to have moved away from that aspect so far), Boris is like the uncle that no one talks about but can’t get rid of because he’s got all the money in the family. I’m certain he’s a far smarter operator than his public personna suggests. The prospect of Toff versus Tough if he gets to go up against Red Ken is eye watering and could seriously overshadow any plans for an early General Election next year, Brown versus Cameron just seems like a warm up match next to two such outspoken fighters.

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