Weekend 23/05/08

Bank Holiday comes six times a year,
Days of enjoyment for which everyone cheers!
Bank Holiday comes with a six pack of beer,
Then it’s back to work,
A G A I N!

Busy, busy, busy this weekend – in a relaxed manner.

Finished slightly earlier than the norm on Friday so was able to grab an early dart down to S’s for a weekend in Oxford. Unfortunately she was on call so didn’t see much of her on Friday – inconsiderate NHS! Cooked chicken in lemon & ginger with rice for dinner whilst she was out, then sat and watched QI and the Osmond’s on Jonathon Ross – very strange – when she returned from first calls. Early night all round ahead of Saturday’s planned cycle trip.

Late rise on Saturday before big cycle trip along the Thames to The Trout and the Blenheim Palace. Didn’t go in as it wasn’t cycle friendly, but need to go back at some point as it’s on my “must visit” list. Ended up doing just over twenty five miles – Oxfordshire is a lot flatter than Staffordshire so didn’t feel too tired afterwards. Still fell asleep on the living room floor, but woke up in time for Eurovision. Loved the French entry, hated the political voting! Tel’ sounded mighty pissed at the whole thing.

Sunday helped to paint the stairs and listening to music before an evening out of Tapas as Kasbar. Tapas was okay but company was fab.

Monday went to see the Lord Mayor’s Parade, S was part of Sol Samba (who sounded wonderful) – unfortunately weather meant they didn’t get the turnout they deserved. Brief visit to pub where managed to catch up with E before grabbing a couple of hours before the trip back north after wonderful Chinese from J (S’s housemate / landlady) as thank you for painting stairs. Drove back in new record time due to lack of traffic at that time before collapsing into bed.

Tuesday and work…

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