MA in Marbles & Media Studies?

I’ve never really been one for analysing my dreams, even though I do consider myself a prolific dreamer (in the sense that I can remember a lot of them, I know that technically we all dream every night). However I occasionally have ones that are just so odd that I have to share them. This one started with a pot of marbles.

Which for some reason were on the passenger seat next to me in my car. I was travelling west out of Manchester as if to go home, but it was light outside, which certainly alerted me to the fact that this might be a dream. The car in front, the car to my right hand side and the car behind all broke down meaning I had to come to a stop. Furthermore the wheels on all three locked once they had come to a stop meaning they couldn’t be moved. I got out of the car and placed the jar of marbles on the roof, looking at the flame within the centre of each one and studying them for artistic integrity. I even told one of the other drivers that this was what I was doing.

He nodded and produced a newspaper, pointed to an advert inside for a MA in Media Studies based around research into occurrences of marbles. He calmly drew a ring around the advert  and then placed all of the marbles within the drawn boundary.

I started to walk home.

And that’s about it. Nothing really to say about it, but it’s certainly one of the odder dreams I’ve had recently.

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