Catch Up

It’s been a while since I last got around to posting, life having that funny way of throwing things at you when you least expect it. The summer of weddings has continued (two since the last count) and doesn’t look as if it’s about to end soon, work fluctuates between mad-mad panic (end of projects) and terrifying (have I got a job?) and somewhere in the middle of it all I managed to fit in Maelstrom.

Weddings have both been wonderful and the one (definite) left isn’t until November so makes life a little easier. There may also be another possible wedding as well before the end of the year which will make it a nice round half-dozen (or too many for one year…).

Work is weird – one of our long time clients has suddenly decided that they don’t need consultants and we’re all sitting back to watch the fireworks afterwards. For a fortnight or so it looked like consultation could return but it seems to have stabilised a little, although still not enough for my liking.

Strom was great fun, although not sure about the bug attack thing at the end. Had treated myself to a new tent for Sj and myself beforehand (and so I had an IC bolt-hole) which very pleased with. Felt I had a better event than before where I was a little bit meh about the whole thing.

Sj has somehow managed to keep me sane during all of this, in return I’ve acted like Agent Orange in her garden and managed to clear it of every stray root, branch, leaf and rock I could lay my hands on – damn Japanese Knotweed not withstanding – almost managing to saw my finger off at one stage in the process.

Not been out on the bike as often as I’d like but just treated myself to a set of new brake hose (oh the excitement) as the current ones feel like they’re full of crud and the whole system needs bleeding properly.

It’s life, it’s good and I’m not (really) complaing.

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