The Social Network

After the relatively disappointing Benjamin Button (which whilst brilliant, tried a little too hard to be an award grabber) David Fincher once again decides to change direction completely from what we’ve seen before and produces a film about Facebook – except it isn’t. It’s a smart move in some ways, catching us unaware like this.

The truth behind the film could be debated for years, but then looking at this as a history of the financial, creative and legal wrangles that surrounded the creation of Facebook (and its creators futures) misses the point. Fincher (and it must not be denied, Sorkin – who’s dialogue is nothing short of superb) aims higher than this – it’s not a history, it’s a snapshot of a specific time and place – it’s also riveting from start to finish.

Besides Fincher and Serkin, much of the praise must go to the cast who sell the concept brilliantly from start to finish in what otherwise could be a very ordinary film. Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield in particular dominate the film (the latter especially who seems to have landed the role of Peter Parker based on his work here) as the friends driven apart by factors outside of either of their control. However the rest of the cast is uniformly superb as well – this is a performance driven film.

Indeed, Fincher dials back his usual kinetics in favour of the more documentary style he developed in Zodiac – although he still finds time for an astonishing action sequence at the Henley Regatta.

Many may be put off by the subject matter and maybe it doesn’t require a big screen to make the most of it. It is however well worth the investment of time to see.

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