Monday morning after Maelstrom is always a crazy mix of exhaustion and merriment, made all the more special this time by added bruises (I’m still awaiting the ugly black patch to my left hip that I’m expecting to make an appearance soon) and a feeling that I’ve still got half of a Derbyshire field in me. However it was great fun.

Friday night and most of Saturday were largely spent sneaking around being all covert (well, almost covert) as a White Lion until we’d finally managed to pull off the planned supplication and have final words with a few people. Despite being unable to hire wailing Spanish guitars to follow us around we finally began patrols before we were finally caught, tried for a crime we didn’t commit and executed. All good fun however (especially the “judging whether to get another pint” part on Saturday.

New group looks like fun but still getting into the role. Very different mind-set required! Will post more in the future when I know how this is going but has already meant I’ve met more different people and no doubt will have wild and crazy adventures (well, not too wild – decent company you know!).

So, despite the crappy weather and being unable to grab a drink with everyone I planned to (sorry – trying to schedule is difficult) it’s been a fun weekend. Hopefully I’ll have recovered in time for the next one.

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